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Rhodesian ridgeback is the breed of Africa.The maximum height of 24-27 inches approximately and this dog breed is very clever and smart . The body weight has found from 32-36 kg approximately.For more Information about Rhodesian ridgeback Dog Breed visit
Tibetan Mastiff is the Breed of Tibet,India and Nepal and It is used by local tribes of tibetans to protect sheep .The maximum height of 61-80 inches approximately . For more Information about Tibetan Mastiff visit
Pit Bull breed is originated in the UK and USA, it's compared with bull terrier and known as the
affectionate, obedient, loyal and strong willed in temperament. For more Information about Pit Bull Dog
Breed visit

Rottweiler breed is orignated in Germany and popular choice for its ability to protect. The maximum height of 61-69cm and body weight has found from 50-60 approximately. For more Information about Rottweiler Dog Breed visit

Saluki is such a Persian breed and it has qualities to kill or retrieve anything after once it seen.The normal size range for the breed is 23–28 inches high .For more Information about Saluki Dog Breed visit
Weimaraner Dog Breed is orignated in Germany and male Weimaraner stands between 59 to 70 cm at the withers. Females are between 57 to 65 cm .This Germanic breed has a variety of colors such as silver, silver-gray and mouse-gray.For more Information about Weimaraner Dog visit
Shetland Sheep dog breed is orignated in Scotland and it is known as Shetland Collie too. the maximum height is 33-41cm and average life span is 12-13 years. For more Information about Shetland Sheep dog visit
Lhasa Apso Dog Breed is orignated in Tibet. Lhasa Apso is a part of the smallest breed canines. This dog
breed is highly regargded as a watch dog and more family companion to protect their owner family For more Information about labrador-retriever visit

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